Politics in human resource management

Politics in human resource management is based on the mission of JSC "Centrkazenergmontazh" - to be the basis for development of the region to become a leader among companies building thermal power of the country, acting in the interests of society, shareholders and employees.

To date, the number of employees of JSC CKEM more than 600 people, including professional staff has extensive experience in power system.

The main objective of the Policy in the field of personnel management as - to build a personnel management system in which the company would have a status of "preferred employer" in the eyes of people who are ready and able to bring her maximum benefit.

To do this, shareholders and management of JSC "Tsentrkazenergomontazh" builds its policy of human resource management in the following areas:

  • Improving performance at all levels;
  • Involvement in the work of promising young professionals;
  • Planning, training and development personnel reserve;
  • Establishing an effective system of rewards.

JSC "TSKEM" defines the following characteristics of the personnel necessary to carry out business strategies and goals:

  • Focus on achieving business results;
  • Initiative, focus on the active search for solutions;
  • Active in the promotion of innovation and new ways of doing business, the ability to learn quickly and use the knowledge gained;
  • A commitment to corporate values of JSC "CKEM."

All internal documents, rules and procedures to implement the policy in the field of human resources are developed and carried out in strict accordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as using modern methods and management tools.

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