About us

JSC "Centrkazenergomontazh", created in 2003, is one of the fastest growing organizations on the construction of energy facilities in the Republic of Kazakhstan and CIS countries.

As it is known, today, energy is one of the key sectors in the country, which is included in the industrial-innovative development program for the Republic of Kazakhstan.

For this reason, the need for professional engineers who use high-tech equipment, as well as the experience of integrated supply equipment for power generation facilities, conducting individual design and construction, installation and commissioning work is dictated by time.

In modern conditions of JSC "Centrkazenergomontazh" provides a wide range of full closed-loop services in the energy sector that meets the requirements of international standard.

One of our projects is "Expansion and reconstruction of CHP-2 SP, heating systems and electricity supply facilities of Astana".

Currently the following projects:

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